The ArgoMatic feeder is a versatile, scalable and configurable system to pair with metal forming machinery. Into its basic configuration, the feeder is composed of two orthogonal axis operating the load/unload function.
The three-axis configuration instead, converts it into a press-to-press feeder. The fourth axis allows the machine to position the part correctly on the die.


  • Applications on hydraulic or mechanical presses;
  • Suitable for lines supplied by precut blanks or coil;
  • Handling of blanks as well as pressed parts;
  • Freely programmable axis driven by brushless motor;
  • Electronic shaftless cam synchronization with mechanical presses;
  • Customized grippers, also available for unloading the part while loading blank or for the part orientation;
  • Devices for the fast change of the gripper;
  • Also suitable to operate in conjuction with shuttles or single or double bar transfer.